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Beach address: 16401 South Highway One, Manchester, CA 95459
Mountain Forest: 28300 Philo Greenwood Road, Elk, CA 95432

Beach rides are 23 miles north of Gualala, or 10.5 miles south of Elk at Mile Marker 23.5 on Highway One.
Look for the Ross Ranch sign, horse trailer and porti-a-podi on the ocean side of Highway One.
Park on the side of Highway One (not in front of the gate.)

Forest rides are just east of Elk on Philo-Greenwood road at Mile Marker 7.88.

Please Call if further directions are needed:

The Ross Ranch

Beach rides: $70 (1 1/2 hours) per person
Mountain Forest rides: $70 (1 1/2 hours) per person
Please text, call or email for availability and reservation.

707-489-8579 text or call

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